Checkpoint for monitoring the utilization of genetic resources of the Republic of Belarus
6 November 2020
Belarusian herbalist from Sanyuki in the coverage of the Global ABS Community

In the framework of the UNDP-GEF Global ABS Project, the Global ASB Community has made publication about Ludmila, a traditional knowledge holder in Belarus.

21 October 2020
Tree Beekeeping ― Binding the Times. Album-book

“Tree Beekeeping ― Binding the Times” is a unique album-book, the 6th edition of the series “Cultural Heritage of Belarus” released by the Publishing House “Four Quarters” under the Social Project “Belarusian Cultural Heritage” of the Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus.

31 October 2019
A Story of Zonya Rudzko

This is a photograph of Zonya Ignatievna RUDKO from the village of Rechen,
Lyuban District. The photo was taken in 2016, shortly before her death. The photo
became a “Lekavya Travy” (Medicinal Herbs) music CD cover by the RELIKT group.
The lady knew herbs, advised people on how to use them in healing and used
them herself. She was a herbalist without any witchcraft or spellful background ‒
she simply knew what this or that herb was helpful for.

31 October 2019
Plants in the System of Traditional Knowledge of Belarusians. Monograph. T.V. Valodzina et al.

The book is devoted to the plant world knowledge, vision and rituals in the Belarusian village of 19th-21st centuries. History of ethnographic data collection about plants is highlighted, including traditional phytotherapy and use of wild plants in foodways. The world of herbs and trees is considered as a single “text” where biological features and economic use of plants are inseparable from their mythopoetic understanding.

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