Checkpoint for monitoring the utilization of genetic resources of the Republic of Belarus
30 October 2018

On 23 October 2018, a reporting event on the project progress “Strengthening of human resources, legal frameworks and institutional capacities to implement the Nagoya Protocol in the Republic of Belarus” of March 30, 2018 No. 2/18/000874 was held.

The reports on the development of an online database to monitor the use of genetic resources and a new website version of the National Coordination Centre on Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit-sharing were heard, including expert reports on preserving traditional knowledge associated with genetic resources. There was also a discussion on possible ways of implementing the Nagoya Protocol Provisions into legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

The participants discussed existing difficulties and challenges arising out of the mentality and traditions of the Belarusians and related to the specifics of national legislation. During the discussion, the ways of state regulation of the given issue were proposed and a decision was made to hold another workshop in 2019 with participation of traditional knowledge holders associated with genetic resources and representatives of government bodies and the organizations concerned.

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