Checkpoint for monitoring the utilization of genetic resources of the Republic of Belarus
14 October 2021

Montreal/Kunming, 13 October 2021. The High-Level Segment of the UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15) closed with the adoption of the Kunming Declaration, where Parties to the Convention committed to develop, adopt and implement an effective post-2020 global biodiversity framework that would biodiversity put on a path to recovery by 2030 at the latest, towards the full realization of the 2050 Vision of “Living in Harmony with Nature.” Critically, the framework would also include provision of the necessary means of implementation, in line with the Convention and its two protocols, as well as appropriate mechanisms for monitoring, reporting and review.

The Declaration addresses key elements needed for a successful post-2020 framework: the mainstreaming of biodiversity across all decision-making; phasing out and redirection of harmful subsidies; strengthen the rule of law; recognizing the full and effective participation of indigenous peoples and local communities and ensuring an effective mechanism to monitor and review progress; among others.

The High-Level Segment opened on 12 October with the announcement by Chinese President Xi Jinping setting the tone by investing 1.5 billion yuan (about $230 million USD) to establish the Kunming Biodiversity Fund to support biodiversity protection in developing countries. He invited other countries to contribute.

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