Sanatorium “OZERNY” hosted a workshop “Genetic resources of the Republic of Belarus in November 2018

On 22 November 2018, Sanatorium “OZERNY” hosted a workshop “Genetic resources of the Republic of Belarus: conservation and sustainable management”. The worshop was held under the UNDP-GEF International Technical Assistance Project “Strengthening of human resources, legal frameworks and institutional capacities to implement the Nagoya Protocol in the Republic of Belarus” of March 30, 2018 No. 2/18/000874.

During the workshop, experts from the involved ministries, scientific institutions, representatives of potential genetic resourcesꞌ providers and their users discussed access to genetic resources- related issues, problem areas and approaches to systematization of traditional knowledge associated with genetic resources. A report  on the project implementation was presented; other related areas were highlited in the participants’ reports as well. Biology and Ecology Department students of Grodno State University also had a chance to take part in the event. The workshop agenda included a sight-seeing tour and a visit to the Information Centre of the Republican Landscape Reserve “Ozery”. Director of the Landscape Reserve, Dmitry Morozik, introduced the participants to the ecological objects of the protected natural area.



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